Internal Publications

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People’s Biodiversity Register on Animal Diversity of Durgapur Municipal Corporation area WINGS/2020/REPORT/001 Download as PDF
People’s Biodiversity Register on Plant Diversity of Durgapur Municipal Corporation area WINGS/2020/REPORT/002 Download as PDF
Annual Report 2019-2020 - Download as PDF
Annual Report 2020-2021 - Download as PDF
Annual Report 2021-2022 - Download as PDF

Published Articles in Journal and Scientific Magazines

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1 Adhurya, Sagar & Gayen, Debayan & Chakrabarty, Moitreyee & Singha Roy, Utpal. (2023). A study of avian diversity in Durgapur Government College Campus, West Bengal, India. The Holistic Approach to Environment. 13(2): 48-62. doi: 10.33765/thate.13.2.2. Download as PDF
2 Banerjee, Debdulal & Singhamahapatra, Aniruddha & Roy, Subhajit. (2023). New larval host plants for three butterfly (Lepidoptera, Papilionoidea) species from Rahr region of West Bengal, India. Journal of Insect Biodiversity & Systematics. 9:67-79. doi: 10.52547/jibs.9.1.67. Download as PDF
3 Singhamahapatra, Aniruddha & Roy, Subhajit. (2023). First record of the rare moth Amana angulifera Walker, 1855 (Lepidoptera: Epicopeiidae) from India since the 19th century. Cuadernos de Biodiversidad. 64: 19-23. doi: 10.14198/cdbio.22415. Download as PDF
4 Mandal, Biswarup & Roy, Subhajit. (2022). Observations of Papilionoidea (Lepidoptera) fauna from heterogeneous patches of Jhargram district with new distribution reports from West Bengal, India. Journal of Animal Diversity. 4(4): 59-73. doi: 10.52547/JAD.2022.4.4.6 Download as PDF
5 Roy, Subhajit & Singhamahapatra, Aniruddha & Nayak, Amar Kumar. (2022). Observations of Odonata (Insecta) from heterogeneous patches of Bankura district with first report of Microgomphus torquatus (Selys, 1854) from West Bengal state of India. Journal of Animal Diversity. 4(2): 121-151. doi: 10.52547/JAD.2022.4.2.8. Download as PDF
6 Gayen, Debayan & Roy, Subhajit & Adhurya, Sagar & Singhamahapatra, Aniruddha & Seal, Somapika & Dutta, Avik Kumar. (2022). "Leucism resulting in xanthochroism" - A report on colour aberration in Coppersmith Barbet Psilopogon haemacephalus from Asia. Ornis Hungarica. 30(1): 69-79. doi: 10.2478/orhu-2022-0005. Download as PDF
7 Gayen, Debayan & Mukherjee, Biswajit & Sarkar, Sanchari & Goswami, Bappa & Adhurya, Sagar & Chakrabarty, Moitreyee. (2022). Study of winter avifauna diversity from a man-made reservoir in the West Bengal, India. Journal of Animal Diversity. 4(1): 58-73. doi: 10.52547/JAD.2022.4.1.7. Download as PDF
8 Adhurya, Sagar & Gayen, Debayan & Das, Suvendu & Ray, Santanu. (2022). Diversity and population trends of waterbirds at Lake-2, the Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary, West Bengal State, India. Journal of Animal Diversity. 4(1): 41-51. doi: 10.52547/JAD.2022.4.1.5. Download as PDF
9 Gayen, Debayan & Chatterjee, Paromit & Bhattacharya, Tapajit. (2021). A survey on the mammal species from a peri-urban coal mining plateau of Eastern India. Journal of Animal Diversity. 3(3): 56-71. doi: 10.52547/JAD.2021.3.3.5. Download as PDF
10 Roy, Subhajit & Singhamahapatra, Aniruddha & Sarkar, Tanmoy. (2021). The Ruby-cheeked Sunbird Chalcoparia singalensis in southern West Bengal, and its status in the Ganga–Brahmaputra Delta. Indian BIRDS. 17(5): 155-156. Download as PDF
11 Roy, Subhajit & Singhamahapatra, Aniruddha & Dutta, Suvankar. (2021). On the distribution of Vagrans egista (Cramer, 1780) in West Bengal, India. Revista Chilena de Entomología. 47(3): 513-519. doi: 10.35249/rche. Download as PDF
12 Gayen, Debayan & Sarkar, Sanchari & Chakrabarty, Moitreyee. (2021). The Greater White-fronted Goose Anser albifrons in West Bengal. Indian BIRDS. 17(3). 93-94. Download as PDF
13 Adhurya, Sagar & Misra, Sankha & Kayal, Sumit & Pan, Koushik. (2021). First record of Bristled Grassbird from Paschim Bardhaman District, West Bengal. Zoos' Print. 36(6): 37-40. Download as PDF
14 Gayen, Debayan & Saha, Subhadeep & Adhurya, Sagar. (2021). Report of partially leucistic Lesser Whistling-Duck from West Bengal, India. Zoos' Print. 36(6): 31-33. Download as PDF
15 Gayen, Debayan & Adhurya, Sagar & Misra, Sankha & Adhurya, Saikat & Pan, Koushik & Saha, Subhadeep & Mandal, Satyajit. (2021). Rediscovery of Crested Goshawk from southern Bengal, India. Zoos' Print. 36(5): 42-44. Download as PDF
16 Gayen, Debayan & Dey, Saurav & Singha Roy, Utpal. (2021). Additional report of anurans from Durgapur subdivision, Paschim Bardhaman, West Bengal. Zoos' Print. 36(1): 33-39. Download as PDF
17 Adhurya, Sagar & Bhandary, Shantanu. (2019). Report of five interesting avian species from Durgapur ecoregion, West Bengal, India by citizen science effort. Journal of Threatened Taxa. 11(12): 14496–14502. doi: 10.11609/jott.3980.11.12.14496-14502. Download as PDF
18 Adhurya, Sagar & Adhurya, Saikat & Singha Roy, Utpal. (2019). Rapid degradation of wetlands and its impact on avifauna: A case study from Ambuja Wetland, West Bengal, India. Indian BIRDS. 15(2). 43-48. [Acknowledged] Download as PDF