Injured Blue Rock Pigeon Rescued by Our NGO member in Mamra Bazar, Durgapur

POSTED ON: 1 June 2024

An injured blue rock pigeon was rescued by our NGO from a house on Mamra Bazar main road in Durgapur, West Bengal. The bird, initially injured by hunters and subsequently attacked by crows, was found and sheltered by concerned local residents before being handed over to our team.

Our president Saptarshi Mukherjee has received a call about this injured bird. Further, he informed our local representative Subhadeep Saha, who led the rescue operation. He contacted the resident who had discovered the pigeon in a distressed state, struggling with severe injuries inflicted first by hunters and then exacerbated by a crow attack.

Upon receiving the information, Subhadeep Saha promptly arrived at the scene with necessary equipment and a transport cage. He carefully examined the pigeon, noting multiple injuries including a broken wing and several deep cuts.

Following the initial assessment and stabilization, the injured pigeon was handed over to the Forest Department for further care and eventual release back into the wild. The Forest Department will oversee the bird's complete recovery and ensure it is returned to its natural habitat once it is fully healed.

This incident has highlighted the ongoing issue of illegal hunting and animal cruelty in the region. Local authorities have been urged to take stricter measures to protect wildlife and penalize those responsible for such acts. Meanwhile, our NGO continues its efforts to raise awareness about animal rights and the importance of wildlife conservation.

Residents of Mamra Bazar praised Subhadeep Saha and our organization for their swift action and dedication. "It's heartwarming to see people care so much about animals," said one of the residents. "We need more initiatives like this to protect our wildlife."

Our NGO encourages anyone who encounters injured or distressed wildlife to contact us immediately for assistance. We are also calling for more community involvement and vigilance to prevent such incidents in the future. As the rescued pigeon continues its recovery under the care of the Forest Department, the story serves as a reminder of the crucial role that community and dedicated individuals play in safeguarding our natural world.


Injured Pigeon with broken wings


Pigeon sheltered by local resident


Injured pigeon