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Grab our intership opportunity here (Last day to fill the form 05/07/2023)

The internship will be focusing on Ecology, Animal Behaviour, Ecotoxicology and Limnology

Last date to submit application: 05/07/2023

Expected start date: 15/07/2023

Application procedure: Fill the form below by clicking the below button.

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Contact for any help: 6296223818, 7001610972

Preferred background: We encouraged applications from any candidate interested in the aforesaid research field. Preference will be given to the students with a background in any field of Life Sciences.

Schedule of internship:

  1. Interview of the candidate and selection of topic.
  2. Training of the candidate for the first 15 days.
  3. Submission of the first report after 15 days. The internship might be cancelled if the report is found unsatisfactory by the supervisor.
  4. The next two months will be a work period, where the candidate has to perform allotted work.
  5. In the last 15 days the applicant has to submit a project report with a PowerPoint presentation.

Who will be your supervisor?

The supervisor will be an expert in the relevant field.

Terms and conditions

  1. It is an unpaid internship, the candidate will not get any renumeration for the internship.
  2. The candidate must follow the instruction provided by the supervisor or any other member of governing body to carry out the project.
  3. The candidate should submit required reports timely and the performance of the candidate in the project will be determined on the basis of online viva and/or report.
  4. The duration of the project is initially one month, and then further extension will be provided to the candidate on the basis of performance.
  5. In the case of the scientific research project, the candidate will be acknowledged in any publications from the project. If his contribution to the project is found significant, he/she will be also eligible for authorship.
  6. After the completion of the project, the candidate will get a certificate for completion.
  7. The candidate cannot share any data or other information related to the project publicly or with any other people (even within society) without written permission. Otherwise, it can be considered as serious offence and legal action can be taken.
  8. It is mandatory to take membership of society in order to work under WINGS project (applicable to both intern and any kind of fellow).