About the event ?

The Green Picnic Mission (henceforth, GPM) is a name that, most nature lovers and enthusiasts, from Durgapur and adjacent areas, can relate to easily. The program was initiated in 2016-2017, under the name of Durgapur Barrage Cleaning Campaign, under the banner of erstwhile Birding Durgapur. A brainchild of our founding member as well as Governing Body member Nirjhar Banerjee, GPM is a culmination of a movement that started with only five (5) nature enthusiasts and bird lovers [Milan Kanti Mandal (DFO, Durgapur), Kamol Raha, Abhijeet Sett, Nirjhar Banerjee and Sagar Adhurya], during 2016-2017. Initially undermined, this project turned out to be a grand success, in the following year 2017-2018, when the number of participants skyrocketed to around 82.

The need for such a campaign, arose out of the immediate need, of educating and making the picnickers aware about the ill-effects of using use-and-throw plastic and thermoplastic utensils and their improper management, uncontrolled playing of DJ microphones (or, as some others say, boomboxes), stampeding on nests of some river-bank birds build on the sandbanks, and several other nuisances.

Barrage Cleaning Campaign 2017-18

The Campaign itself is a part of Citizen Science and Innovation Project, undertaken by the then Biodiversity of Paschim Bardhaman, was rechristened Green Picnic Mission from 2017-2018, on account of the multipurpose goals, that were set to be achieved, via this program. The objectives now included not only the purpose of merely cleaning the picnic sites but also creating environmental awareness among the picnickers, which in turn, would yield long-term results, in other areas as well.

We feel fortunate, in having the patronage of West Bengal Pollution Control Board, Durgapur regional Office, Durgapur Forest Division (Directorate of Wildlife, Government of West Bengal), The New Horizon Institute of Technology, Durgapur (a leading private Polytechnic College in Durgapur), Durgapur Government College, and Durgapur Snakes and Wild Lovers during GPM 2017-2018. The program was also modelled in Howrah, Cooch Behar and Purulia districts of West Bengal, with some local modifications.

Barrage Cleaning Campaign 2018-19

In 2018-19, for the first time the "Green Picnic Mission" term was came in appearance under the emergence of a new group WINGS (Wildlife Information and Nature Guide Society). In this year, Wildlife Conservation Murshidabad joined as a new partner.

Barrage Cleaning Campaign 2019-20

WINGS now become a registered society and our full name is Durgapur Wildlife Information and Nature Guide Society. Being a registered society we are not facing the biggest problem to approach administration. This year we are going to lauch our program for all 3 days at Maithon Dam, Deul Park, Durgapur Barrage and Nachan Dam for the all 3 days i.e. 25th, 31 December and 1 January. In addition to previous organisors, FOCUSS the Pride of Durgapur and Amra Kajan Nature Club join their hands with us to make the venture success.

As promised by our Hon'ble Sub Divisoinal Magistrate Sri Anirban Kolay, there will be Green Picnic throughout the Durgapur subdivision. A administrative meeting including WINGS representative, Divisonal Forest Officer, EE (WBPCB), EE (DHW), DMC, BDO of all blocks, ADPC and BDO Barjora was organised at SDM office to enforce the Green Picnic Mission throughout the subdivision. In the meeting the decision was taken towards the ban of plastic and DJ box in picnic, construction of biotoilet at picnic spots, temporary biodegradable plate-glass stall etc.