We are thankful to all the participants who participated in Durgapur Barrage Bird Count 2020 and Campus Bird Count 2020. This year Durgapur Barrage Bird Walk is scheduled on 14 February 2021 and Campus Bird Count on 15 February 2021 (probable). Please download your certificate by clicking on download button beside your name below:
Adarsh Anand Download
Amar Kumar Nayak Download
Arnab Goswami Download
Atasi Chatterjee Download
Biswajit Nath Download
Chandrani Ghosh Download
Debayan Gayen Download
Deblina Bhowmik Download
Debsikha Mahajan Download
Dibyendu Mondal Download
Dr. Abhisek Ray Download
Dr. Ashish Krishna Download
Dr. Nirmal Kumar Jajodia Download
Dr. Padmawati Bhattacharya Download
Dr. Rajib Biswas Download
Dr. Suvamoy Changder Download
Dr. Tapojit Bhattacharya Download
Fortune Ahamad Download
Jatin Rajak Download
Kaushik Roy Download
Molay Satapati Download
Mou Das Download
Nandini Shaw Download
Nirjhar Banerjee Download
Nisha Maji Download
Pallabi Maity Download
Pratyay Bhattacharya Download
Priyotosh Mandal Download
Rajib Dana Download
Raunak Kumar Download
Rizia Sultana Download
Ruben Mondal Download
Rupa Ghosh Download
Sagar Adhurya Download
Saikat Adhurya Download
Samim Hossain Download
Samrat Chakraborty Download
Sathi Deghoria Download
Satyajit Mandal Download
Shantanu Paul Download
Sanchari Sarkar Download
Sharmila Soren Download
Somapika Seal Download
Uma Dutta Download
Group photo of Durgapur Barrage Bird Walk 2020

**For any discrepancy please contact event co-ordinator Sagar Adhurya (+91 8918856924)